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Bulgaria-K Jsc. Bulgaria-K Jsc.

Bulgaria-K Jsc.

Текстильные Материалы
Bulgaria-K Jsc.
6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria 46 Tzar Osvoboditel str.
Тел.: +359 431 6 3817
Факс: +359 431 6 3 015
Э-почта: marketing@bulgaria-k.com
Уебсайт: www.bulgaria-k.com

Bulgaria-K Jsc. was founded by G.P.COATS - Glasgow, Scotland in 1931 as a subsidiary company for manufacturing of cotton sewing threads. In 1947 the company was nationalized and became state-owned, a status which maintained up to 1991. Since 1991 the enterprise has become a joint-stock company. The enterprise is situated on an area of some 13000 acres at the southwest part of the town. Currently there are about 450 workers are employed in it with a constant growth tendency.

The company manufactures a wide range of cotton and synthetic threads for sewing, tricot, shoe-making industry and haberdashery; threads and yarns for hand and machine embroidery.

The company range of products includes the following major groups:
*cotton yarn
*yarn of wool
* 100% PE sewing threads;
* 100% Cotton sewing threads (polished, non-mercerized and mercerized;
* PES and PAS sewing threads;
* Cotton and viscose crocheting and embrodery threads, both for hand and machine embrodery;
*wool and woolen blended yarns for hand knitting
* Crochet yarns;
* Polycotton industrial threads;
* Strings;
* Gobelins;
* Folk-style covers.

Bulgaria-K Jsc is a well known and respected manufacturer both at the domestic market and throughout Europe.50% and more of its products are designed for export to Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, SR Yugoslavia, Greece, Macedonia, etc. A modern Quality management system according to international ISO 9001 standard is applied in the company.

The production process is executed in 3 major workshops: Initial treatment, Dyeing and Make-up. The stocks of raw materials and ready-made production as well as production transfer from workshop to workshop are supervised by a computerized programme which has been developed especially to match the specific nature of threads and yarns production.

The company manufactures sewing threads since it was established that's why traditions we have created in years are appreciated by our clients. Despite of that we carry on our development and progress in respect to market competition and according to our clients' requests. Our cotton sewing threads are applied in different areas - seaming, machine sewing, tricot construction, decoration, underwear, and internal seams in shoe-making industry.

Apart from cotton sewing threads, Bulgaria-K Jsc manufactures cotton knitting yarns and crochet yarns. The hand knitting yarns are in a wide color range, according to the world fashion trends. They are designed for making blouses, pullovers, etc. We also manufacture crochet yarns for laces; covers, curtains, etc. crochet items. We also offer embroidery threads and 60 models of gobelins, accomplished with original colors.

Other type of our production is 100% Polyester sewing thread. They are applied in sewing all types of fabrics and tricot and our PES is applied in shoe-making industry.

Bulgaria-K Jsc offers industrial threads, Polyester - cotton mix. They are applied in food-processing industry and agriculture.

We wouldn't boast if we say that Europe knits with our yarns for hand knitting and crochet yarns. These are the items, which earned front positions of Bulgaria-K Jsc. at the European markets. The production possibilities in that direction are great as apart from the traditionally known at the domestic market items the company manufactures yarns according to clients' specifications. The dyestuffs, which are applied in yarn production, are supplied by world leaders, such as DyStar Bencolor, Bezema, Bayer etc. - a precondition, that the product they are applied to would be at a world level, too.

Bulgaria-K Jsc.

Bulgaria-K Jsc.  - BulgarianTextile.com 

ТканиKazanlak - BulgarianTextile.com

Bulgaria-K Jsc.
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